Sunday, March 02, 2008

Nathanael's last 6 weeks before Benjamin arrives

The countdown to Benjamin is really close now. April 19th is the due date and he is running around in Elizabeth's belly (I guess ready to play with his older brother).

In these pictures we have Nathanael baking Ghiradelli brownies for his teachers at school. We have a few shots from Elizabeth's brothers' families for a family night get together. We also have pictures from Michael Pursifull's birthday party, Nathanael's first big boy birthday party.

Mommy and me at the Pursifull's

Me and my buddy Hyland Rentz

The birthday boy

Me and my new friends

World Famous Pursiful Tacos

Posing in my new outfit by the door hoping someone will take me out to play

"Hey, you! Take me outside to play"

Family Night with the cousins

Hannah and Nathan Williams

Judah Williams

Caleb Williams

I love playing in the fridge. Where's my lunchables?

Making brownies for my teachers at school

A good cook always tastes before serving

Should I send this to Ghiradelli for endorsements?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Princess!

Happy Birthday to Elizabeth! She was surprised last Friday at a dinner put on by some of her girlfriends at Macaroni Grill. Here are some of the pictures from the night.

You'll have to check with them on the "doggie" bracelet.

Also, Happy Birthday to her twin brother Edwin (I'll have pictures later this week) and our nephew Hunter Jones.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nathanael's First Steps Today! Pray for Natalie Spera

Nathanael took his first steps today at church. Elizabeth and Christina Smith (his teacher) saw them. He is still tentative but I am sure it won't be long before he is all over the place.

We also had the honor of hosting Natalie Spera for dinner before she went off to Swaziland, Africa to work with Healing Place Church Swaziland. Please pray for her and the team as they reach out to the poor and hurting of Swaziland.

I am the cutest baby! Always smiling

Daddy fixed my hair...

My new outfit from Aunt Jenni and Uncle Edwin

Kristin Stutes and me

Kristin, Mark, Natalie and Elizabeth at dinner

Kristin gives me great presents (cousin Daniel Turner being silly in the backround)

My first king cake

Mommy gave me some chocolate (Aunt Jennie Jones must be so proud)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Nathanael almost walking - Benjamin 2 months away

We finally sold our house. Thanks to Delaney Coulter and the Remax team for all of the hard work in getting that deal done. God really stepped in to get the house sold for us and get us out of our "not-so-nice" mortgage.

We are now living in Prairieville and are enjoying Nathanael and getting ready for Benjamin.

Here are some recent pics with Missy and Hayden.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

What an amazing year 2007 was! My toughest year for many reasons but also one of the best ever for me. God has guided us to a place where I could not be happier with my life, my wife and my family. 2008 will be awesome and I am excited to see all that God has planned for this year.

Here are some pics from our 2 week family trip to Brazil to see Elizabeth's parents. Nathanael had a blast at his 1st birthday party and really enjoyed the Portuguese down there. We love them so much and had the greatest time. I will post some pics today and then a few more later this week.

This set of pics are from Nathanael's 1st birthday (Diego style), our boat trip on the Rio Negro, some of the best steak on the planet, and HPC Manaus.